Red Star Juniors 1640 is an association in the region which offers the chance to do sport for young people and by the sport empowering people to better integrate into our changing society.
Red Star Juniors 1640 hopes to contribute to dialogue and cooperation between individuals and communities in a globalised society.
In this way Red Star Juniors 1640 hopes to make its modest contribution to a more peaceful and constructive society in the region.

Red Star Juniors 1640 stands up
for the sports in a multicultural society where the collective sense contributes to the ethical, social and emancipatory potential.

Social commitment 
Red Star Juniors 1640 subscribes to the Zero Food Waste Program:
The association collects food packets and shall forward them to the young players and young people in their proximity who have no resources.
The club offers the opportunity to young players who have no funds to do sports.

Red Star Juniors 1640 goes for the youngsters..
Red Star Juniors 1640, in cooperation with social welfare programs, participates into activities and projects where young people can discover and share and whereby marginality is prevented.
Red Star Juniors 1640 responds to current events and the momentary enthusiasm of youth. But equally aims to encourage the youth people to a long-term commitment, among others by the Zero food Waste program.


DELHAIZE supports through its “Zero Food Waste” project, 

the non-profit organisation VOETBAL IN DE REGIO,  

 redistributing unsold food parcels in the stores. 

Delhaize — Voedselbanken — ‘Zero Food Waste’ project